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Girlfriend, Girlfriend (Season 1-2) 1080p Dual Audio HEVC

Kanojo mo Kanojo is an anime based on a manga of the same name. It tells the story of Naoya Mukai, a high school boy who has a girlfriend named Saki Saki. He loves her very much and they have a happy relationship. However, one day, he meets Nagisa Minase, a cute girl who confesses her feelings to him. Naoya is flattered, but he tells her that he already has a girlfriend. Nagisa is persistent and asks him to date both of them at the same time. Naoya is shocked, but he also feels attracted to Nagisa. He decides to ask Saki for her opinion, hoping that she will reject the idea. To his surprise, Saki agrees to share him with Nagisa, as long as she can still be his number one. Thus begins a complicated and hilarious love triangle between Naoya, Saki and Nagisa, who have to deal with jealousy, misunderstandings and other challenges of having two girlfriends at once.

Information ℹ️

  • ???? Girlfriend Girlfriend ????
        (Kanojo Mo kanojo)

    ➻ Type :- TV
    ➻ Genres :- #Comedy, #Romance #Harem, #School #Shounen
    ➻ Status :- Finished Airing
    ➻ Aired :- Jul 3, 2021
    ➻ Language :- Dual Audio (En & Jp)
    ➻ Subtitles :- English
    ➻ Episode :- 12 + 12
    Resolution :- 720p | 1080P
    ➻ Duration :- 23 min per ep.
    ➻ Rating :- 6.7/10 MyAnimeList
    ➻ Studios :- Tezuka Productions

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