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Highschool of the Dead (Season 1 + OVAs) Dual Audio HEVC

High school of the Dead is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same name by Daisuke Satō and Shōji Satō. It follows a group of high school students who survive a zombie apocalypse and try to find a safe place to live. The anime is known for its action, horror, and fanservice elements.

The plot of the anime is divided into two arcs: the Outbreak Arc and the Dead End Arc. The Outbreak Arc covers the first four episodes, where the main characters escape from their school and encounter other survivors along the way. They also learn more about the origin and nature of the zombies, which are called “them” by the characters. The Dead End Arc covers the remaining eight episodes, where the group reaches a shopping mall and meets a rogue police officer named Asami Nakaoka. They also face more dangers from both zombies and humans, such as a biker gang led by Kohta Hirano and a corrupt politician named Shido.

The anime has received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Some praised its animation, voice acting, and soundtrack, while others criticized its excessive fanservice, clichéd characters, and lack of originality. The anime also ends on a cliffhanger, leaving many questions unanswered. The manga, which was put on hiatus in 2011 due to the author’s death, has not been completed either. Despite these flaws, Highschool of the Dead remains a popular anime among zombie fans and otaku culture.

Information ℹ️

  • ????  High school of the Dead  ????

    ➤Type :- TV
    ➤Genres :- #Action, #Horror, #Supernatural, #Ecchi, #Shounen
    ➤Language :- DuAl Audio
    ➤Subtitles :- English
    ➤Episodes :- 12
    ➤Duration :-  24 min. per ep
    ➤Status :- Finished Airing 
    ➤Resolution :- 1080p | 720p
    ➤Rating :- 7.2/10 IMDB
    ➤Studios :- Madhouse.
    ➤Source :- Manga.

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